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There are hundreds of local businesses in Fort Worth that all want to increase the yearly revenue that receive. Having a properly designed and optimized site helps businesses have tremendous growth.


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  • The fact that they not only develop professional websites but also optimize them to the top of Google for high-traffic keywords is what I like most. It’s hard to find an affordable agency in Fort Worth that provides fantastic results. Thank you!

    Scott Mensen

To date, there are roughly 12 to 24 million ecommerce websites globally. This number continues to grow day by day and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Many processes are being migrated online. Current statistics even tell us that in two decades time, an estimated 95% of purchases for all sorts of goods will be done via ecommerce. This is how saturated the internet is in people’s daily lives. We can hardly tell ourselves apart from technology these days.

Being a business owner, what should these numbers mean to you?

While there is an estimated 2 billion online purchasers worldwide, the amount of competition that you have to butt heads with is also considerably high. Given the statistics above, this means that the ratio of businesses against consumers is roughly 83 to 166 people per establishment. And this is assuming all consumers are equally distributed among all ecommerce websites which, as we all know, is an unrealistic ideal.

The world of ecommerce is far from fair. Extremes do exist in the cyber market wherein a select few, big establishments get more than half of the buying population’s attention and the smaller portion left is scrambled amongst smaller businesses. Launching a small business online may present multitudes of possibilities for you and your company but it also poses a lot of risk, especially where tight competition is involved.

This is why Fort Worth Web Design exists. SEO and other digital marketing strategies aim to help start-up businesses like yours take a spot in the limelight and gain market advantage in spite of the heated ecommerce climate online.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing style of the new age. The rise of the internet has brought on countless of changes and various processes have been migrated online. Activities such as shopping, paying your bills, taking supplementary classes, exercising, and the like can now be done virtually, improving the lives of people globally. Because of this new technological reality, a new industry has been founded and we refer to it as ecommerce.

Like real world commerce, has different facets and is comprised of many types of businesses. There are those engaged in retailing physical goods and services such as online clothing shops and HVAC companies; there are also B2B agencies that offer digital goods and services such as VPN and webhosting companies, cloud software providers, and digital marketing agencies like ours, Fort Worth Web Design.

Our aim is to help businesses like yours thrive in this new digital environment by utilizing proven and tested techniques in the field of marketing and applying it to the online setting. Fort Worth Web Design offers digital marketing services like Local SEO, National SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Google Maps Optimization, and Web Design which are all geared towards helping your business attract the attention and outdo the competition.

Why Fort Worth Web Design?

Like I said, there are (at most) 24 million ecommerce websites out there and a good number (probably hundreds of thousands) of those are digital marketing companies who can offer you the exact same services that we have. This does not even include all those fake SEO agencies out there that you should watch out for.

We exist in such a congested industry that you can practically tap an agency like ours almost instantly, if you wanted to. In fact, we do encourage that you do that before finally deciding to stick with our agency to better assess your options. With that being said, why do we believe that we are the best fit for you out there? Why are we 100% confident that you’ll be back even if you scout a dozen more digital marketing firms?

It’s because our agency is the only one company that you will ever need.

Here are three things that set us apart from the competition:

First-hand Digital Marketing Experience

FortWorthWebDesign.Pro walks the talk. There are many SEO agencies out there that would promise you the moon and stars (and comets and meteorites, the heavens even) without having the slightest idea about what they’re saying.

How do we know this?

For one, there are many “marketers” out there who know their theories but they’ve never actually applied it to a real-life situation. These self-proclaimed marketers may sound like they know what they’re doing but that’s only because they’ve studied for it. The application of SEO techniques and strategies is different from what you’d commonly read off a book. The cyber world is as unpredictable as the real world. Things don’t always go according to plan.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we’ve actually gone through the digital marketing process over and over again for the past 12 years. We’ve accompanied clients from start to finish. We understand the volatility of the ecommerce industry and we have adapted ways to counter unprecedented changes that could impact the flow of the marketing campaign.

That’s right. We have 12 long years of actual marketing experience and that’s what sets us apart. What we have learned through countless of journeys, the trials and errors, the learned flexibility and resilience. Those are things you can never learn from a book. It’s the reason why hundreds of clients continue to lend us support all through these years.

No Contracts

Don’t you just hate it when you availed a certain service and you feel like you ended up marrying it with all the contracts and fine prints that you have to deal with? LasVegasWebDesigner.Pro could care less about those things. The only contract policy that we have here is that it is absolutely forbidden to have our clients sign contracts.

There are no strings attached.

We believe that contracts are nothing but a waste of paperwork. Why would we need contracts if we’re 100% confident in what we do? Our company strongly believes that quality work is always rewarded with loyalty and trust. Clients would have no reason to leave if we’re doing our job right for the simple reason that they wouldn’t be able to find anything better. We are strongly and passionately dedicated in what we do and we know that what we offer is something of value. We don’t need contracts to make clients stay because we won’t give them a reason quit anyway.

You can start whenever you want and end whenever you feel like. We understand that our clients work with a budget and juggling financial priorities can be very challenging at certain times. Contracts will only add to the pressure and that’s why we forego it.

Despite this leniency and freedom to choose whichever SEO company to work with, many of our clients remain our partners in business all through these years. We hope to nurture this type of trusting relationship with you too.

Client Involvement

Lastly, what really sets us apart from the competition is client involvement. Our company strongly values its clients’ opinions and we go to great lengths to make sure that their voice is heard. We always run by our clients everything that we’ll do and hope to do. We believe in fostering a professional work partnership with our clients. We are in this together.

We value transparency and honesty. We set realistic goals and present a step-by-step plan on how we are going to achieve it. We disclose the budget needed from the get-go and work with you to achieve results with the least amount of resources possible. We believe in involving you, our customer, in the process. This is your business and we are your allies. We know that if there’s anyone who knows what is best for your company, it would be you.

How Do We Start Our SEO Process?

We always starts our SEO process with identifying the underlying problems in your company’s website. In order to understand how we’ll be moving forward, we first need to know what to fix. This is why the very first step in our process is a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT.

You heard it right. The website audit is 100% free of charge and we can do it before you even engage in any business with us. This thorough website audit will reveal key points for improvement in your website as well as identify strong factors that already make your website’s personality unique. In other words, the audit will tell us which elements of your website can be considered as strengths and which parts make it weak and vulnerable and thus, need improvement.

The results of this free website audit will be presented to you in video format by one of our expert SEO marketers. After we have identified the weak points of your website, that is when we can come up with a unique, customized digital marketing plan specifically tailored for your business.

For questions and inquiries about our services or to avail of our FREE WEBSITE AUDIT, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team today via phone or email. You can find more information about our services on the ‘Service Tab’ above. 

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