5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020


Digital marketing is a business strategy that uses the internet to market a company’s product or business. It is used to create an online presence and deliver a satisfactory customer experience. Digital strategies include every online marketing effort such as the use of social media, partnering with influencers, and pay per click ads. As consumers embrace digitization, digital marketing has proved to be beneficial for companies to stay afloat.

It is no secret that a defined digital marketing strategy has been the backbone of every successful business. Whether it is a multi-million company, a start-up enterprise, or a local brand, it is an essential tool to stay relevant and competitive in this world.

Lately, digital marketing has been the lifeline of multiple businesses. The pandemic forced us into a month-long quarantine, closing every establishment and business in several states. The total disappearance of physical stores and channels and face-to-face interaction with a customer is the nightmare of every entrepreneur. This might mean a significant decrease in sales which leads to bankruptcy and the inevitable business foreclosure.

To prevent dire situations from taking place, companies are now heavily relying on the wonders of digital marketing. To guide you, here are five upcoming digital marketing trends this year.

1.   Customer Experience

The days of product and service focused advertisements are long gone. If you want to survive this year’s digital world, then turn your attention to your target consumers and loyal customers.

As people become more educated and informed, they are also becoming responsible buyers of the online market. They were not as gullible as they used to be. Aesthetically pleasing online advertisements are not going to cut it for them.

They do not want you to tell them how great your product is, they would already know that through a single Google search. Instead, they want authentic brand messages and stories, easy and fast transactions, and a company that cares and stands for something relevant.

Prioritize these things and you will see your company spending zero dollars on marketing ads. The word-of-mouth trust from your audience already did that for you, cost-free.

2.   Interactive Content

There is a reason why almost every Millennial wears zodiac necklaces and shares online quizzes entitled “Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Take this quiz to find out!” The fourfold online population is craving interactive content, especially ones that involve their personal selves. Consumers love shops with immersive content. Aside from self-quizzes and polls, there is nothing as immersive as the use of AR/VR technology.

The use of augmented and virtual reality is the response of big companies to cater to the interactive needs of their target customers. The technology allows consumers to experience products and services through their smartphones. It lets them take a closer look during production. It allows them to view the product in a life-like, 360-degree manner.

AR and VR technology lets companies spread brand awareness and message in an engaging and convenient way. Giving them access to such pieces of information is a great way of establishing trust and credibility in the eyes of your audience.

3.   Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI-based technology was predicted to dominate the digital marketing world this year.  Companies are gradually adopting artificial intelligence into their operations. Its huge commercial contribution allows businesses to have a competitive advantage in the market.

AI technology allows personalization to easily target potential customers. It acts by analyzing a person’s data, online behavior, and search patterns in every social media platform and search engine that they use.

Another AI-based technology is the chatbot. Chatbots are language processing software that can accurately converse in a human-like manner. It can handle automated customer payments, provide inquiries, and assess simple problems. Their 24-hour service and instant responses benefit a company’s customer services significantly. Thus, increasing brand credibility and sales.

Also, the use of voice-activated searches is rising in popularity. According to a survey, 31 percent of Americans use Siri and Alexa to do their online searches. It is time to optimize your website to cater to voice searches.


4.   Employee Engagement

Employee engagement pertains to the committed and involved workforce of a company. An engaged employee is someone loyal and invested in the company’s goals and objectives. It is someone who has the company’s best interest at heart and works for its greater good. Satisfied employees would then render productive work and great customer service

 A company that treats employees as families rather than wage earners is what customers go for. They want a company that cares and has a relevant standpoint in societal issues. They are looking to support brands with both social and environmental purpose and contribution.

Employee engagement is also directly proportional to the enhancement of productivity, customer satisfaction, and success. Employees enjoy working for a company that values and encourages them. They are more inclined to align themselves in the company’s message and long-term goals knowing their employers have their best interests at heart. Valued employees are likely to give outstanding customer service and experience.

5.   Customer Retention

Digital marketing efforts should not only focus on attracting new clients. It should prioritize customer retention rather than targeting new leads. Valuable and loyal customers are those who have been with your brand since the dawn of time. They have known your company’s principles and advocacies and thus can speak on your behalf and promote your business without even knowing it.

To retain loyal customers, you can establish relevant brand advocacy that makes you stand out against other brand noises. Stay in touch with them and make the most out of social media platforms. Since everybody spends their precious time there, use social networks to maintain connection and interaction with your customers. It is a great platform to monitor the latest trends, as well as the comments and suggestions of your clientele.

Demonstrate authenticity by managing and solving problems that arise. Take accountability, apologize, and do better. Transparency and honesty are great ways to back up your reputation and brand message. It shows that you stick to your word and is really as good as the reputation you projected. 

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