How Alexa & Siri Influences Your SEO

How Alexa & Siri Influences Your SEO

We all know that people these days are becoming more obsessed with technology. The internet is now the main source of information, so people want to be always in the know. Whether it is fashion, entertainment or politics, people want to participate as much as possible.

The power of the internet has given them a voice, and most want to use it to say and do what they want online. There are still concerns regarding this practice, from the social connotations to legal implications. However, this will never stop us from using it to its full potential, even in business.

Marketing has been booming in the virtual world ever since its introduction to the public. It is hard to remember a time when humans did not have online access. Now though, it is a common aspect of everyday life. People use phones and computers all the time, whether it is to kill time or to make better use of it.

Nevertheless, it does not matter where you will use this kind of resource. As long as you are not breaking any kind of rule or regulation in your area, then you are free to visit the online world as often as you like.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

This is why there has been a new way of introducing products and services into the market. The term search engine optimization or SEO has been used a lot in these interactions. It has been hailed as one of the most effective strategies in online marketing because if its sheer range. You can reach more customers because you are using the power of search engines like Chrome and Firefox to your advantage. Each web search that is related to your product or service will let these engines share them to the user. This creates an interaction every time a search is going on, which can largely increase the chances of higher profits.

However, there has been a new movement in the virtual world. People think that technology is moving too fast that others are failing to keep up.  At first, it was only computers and cellphones that were used all the time.

Now, there are newer gadgets that most are becoming more advanced as the days go by. It seems that every month, there is a new thing that people want to explore and discover. Just last year, there is a new thing that was introduced by the tech giants in the US. You may know them as Alexa and Siri, also known as personal digital assistants. 

Now, how do they factor into SEO? As mentioned before, it uses search engines to market your products and services to a wider audience. You can even reach worldwide, and you can use this for the globalization of your company.

However, there are now new ways of using it. Voice search seems to be the trend in the new decade. There have been others in the past like Google who has introduced this into their search engines long before everyone else. However, they have become more important due to these digital personal assistants. It makes it easy to look and search for anything that you want just by saying it.

Investing in Voice Search

There are a lot of advantages that people found out while using these devices. First, the flow of information is so much faster. You can just say the words, and everything that you need to know will be recited to you by the assistant.

Even though most people find it easy to take in the knowledge through sites, it is so much more efficient to just listen. It is just going to translate your spoken word to text and it will work the same way. However, it is now different from those who are using it for business and ad marketing.

As a company, you need to make sure that your website can be accessed through these virtual assistants. As they need to transcribe it from spoken to written to spoken again, it must do both. You need to support this new medium because it is going to be the future of marketing.

The previous year has seen this come to fruition, with their introduction from the giants like Apple and Google. Amazon has also released its version, so time will come that most households will have this gadget.

There are also a lot of advantages to supporting this. For one, you are now introducing a new system that is becoming an opportunity later on. Also, it is so much easier to integrate especially if you already have SEO in your strategy. It might mean that you are going to tinker something on your website, then so be it.

You might need to add more anyway, especially if you are already behind with the times. Adding pertinent information using various mediums like videos, audio clips and sound files also helps. These can easily be played in the newer gadget introduced in the market.

Why Are Changes Necessary?

However, this is just the beginning. You also need to find new keywords that can fit into this purpose. This will also mean that you need to add features like translations, which would truly help if you are going on a global scale. That’s a good thing, as this will assist you in reaching new markets without establishing another base of operations.

You can centralize everything in your area then focus on delivery. It is going to be a challenge as there are a lot of things that you need to keep track of, but it will be worth it. 

Always remember that strategies are only as good as its application. What is the use of an effective plan without even a single bit of action? It is important to apply it effectively as this can still be ineffective without proper integration.

You need to understand that this might not be for your business either. Analyze your conditions and see the results if you have already employed some part of it. This is going to help you do your decisions more effectively as long as you are backed up by data.

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