Top SEO Tools to Use for Keyword Research

Top SEO Tools to Use for Keyword Research

Search engine optimization might sound so familiar to you now. There are a lot of articles discussing it online. Even news and lifestyle blogs are mentioning it, even though most of them are not focusing on it. We usually think of it as a tool for marketing, and most companies who are online are using it for a long time. The term has been around for as long as the internet has existed but it has just reached its full potential in recent history. There have been many applications of this tool, but first, we need to understand how it works.

First, we need to understand that the internet is a vast place. It might not have a physical form aside from the wires and cables connecting the servers, but it is still as influential as everything else. To navigate this world, we need to have a guide of sorts. If a tourist destination needs a guide for you to see the best locations, so does the internet. You need something to become the guide or else you will get lost. These “guides” are in the form of a search engine like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Searching for the Right Words

A search engine is an application that can help you effectively see all of the destinations in the virtual world. You can also think of them as retrievers of information. Whenever you need something, all you have to do is provide a word. Right then, it can certainly give you almost exactly what you want. At first, it was just a compendium of knowledge and its application was mostly academic or theoretical. However, it all changed when it introduced other services. It became the focus of many companies for their marketing ventures.

Now, it has become your go-to for almost everything. Aside from the educational aspect, you can now do a lot of things online. Entertainment is so easy since people can now view a lot of videos. Cinema and television have moved most of their resources into streaming, which created more opportunities for other story-tellers and entertainers. Aside from that, it is now the hub of business entities. Most companies are now investing in the internet for their advertisement. This is where search engine optimization comes in; it makes marketing and advertising possible online.

To do this, you need to have keywords. You may think of them as “magic words”. These are your keys to making yourself more visible in the online world. You need to add these to your website so that people will be aware of your website. Choosing them is more art than science, but there are a lot of calculations to make sure that you will have the right ones. For a time, it was all manual. You need to do a lot of research first before you can even use them effectively.

Now, there are a lot of ways that you can choose depending on your website. Here is the list of our choices for the best keyword generators this 2020.

What Are The Best Tools To Use?

  1. Soovle

One of the most popular options on this list, Soovle has been around long enough to form a loyal customer base. It also helps that their service is free. Their best feature is their coverage as they can give you information on the most commonly searched terms for almost all search engines in existence. They can also give you more suggestions as to other words that you may have not thought of before. If you want something quick on the results, then this one is for you.

  • UberSuggest

Another great program that you can use as well is UberSuggest. It functions in the same way as Soovle but it gives way more suggestions. This means that you can find more words and not just simple synonyms either. If you want to bid for a unique but still recognizable “adword”, then look no further than this program. It is also free, so you can search as much as you want. However, it does work best with Google so keep that in mind while using it.

  • Wordstream

If you are already using this website, chances are you already have an idea of what it can do for you and your business. Lucky for you, it already has a built-in keyword search tool that you can use for your online ventures. It makes it so much easier if you are using Wordstream itself as you do not need to look for another application. It is so much better in its organization of information, which makes looking for the perfect words easier. However, you do need to pay for it even though the website offers 30 searches for 7 days for free.

  1. Google Search

Of course, if you are going to look for your words, look no further than the search engine itself. Google has been pushing for SEO ever since their technological prevalence and has been the trendsetter for most of the search engines. It is no surprise that they would give free sessions on how to use SEO using their engine and helping people understand how it works. Aside from being a generator, it can also give your stats on words like popularity, usage and click rate. You also need to have an AdWords account before you can use this. It is free though, so you can always check it out. It does limit you from other engines, but you can just focus on Google if you want.

  1. Query Reports

If you want something a little more specific, then this strategy might be the one that you are looking for. The previous options work out fine, but their results are not as refined as looking through the query reports. This is not a program, but rather a feature when using AdWords or even Bing. It will most probably help you with just PPC and not SEO as a whole, but it can be a start. After all, it will still give you some idea if your chosen words are still appropriate or if you need to find another one.

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